Welcome Conference 2018

CxRA was honored to be a part of the 5th annual Welcome Conference on June 4th at NYC’s Lincoln Center, where professionals from across the restaurant industry gathered for a day of inspiration. The Conference hosted by Will Guidara, Anthony Rudolf, and Brian Canlis was created as a forum for hospitality professionals to host talks centered on the theme “Restoration”, socialize, and of course eat! An eclectic collection of talks featured speakers from all corners of the industry discussing the essence of excellent service and thinking differently about hospitality.

When you first walked in to Alice Tully Hall not only were you greeted with JOE coffee but a donut wall provided by Boka Restaurant Group and made in NOMAD, which was an exceptional start to the day. If donuts were not your thing, there was an beautiful juice bar featuring Orange, Pineapple, Lemon Ginger or Cucumber, Celery, Spinach, Mint or Hibiscus, Coconut, Apple, and Lime. And if you were still hungry, the mini breakfast sandwiches were sure to do the trick- a buttery croissant with salmon or cheddar chive biscuit with ham. For lunch, everyone received a fun lunch box with sandwiches, truffles, and snack mix to enjoy outside on the steps of Alice Tully Hall.

It takes a village to accomplish something this great and CxRA along with Opentable, San Pellegrino, and American Express were all proud sponsors to inspire those who work in the hospitality business.

Donut Wall 3