On Cloud 9

On March 21, 2018, the calendar said springtime, but the streets screamed winter. As New York welcomed the first day of spring with a Nor’easter, CxRA kept its head out of the clouds with feet planted firmly on the ground to create a truly special event. Our kitchen tent on the sidewalk covered in snow and harsh winds could not stop the determination of the CxRA, Industria, and George P Johnson teams from executing a fun and innovative experience for the Google Cloud Summit.

This two day conference transformed the premiere Industria space to not only a digital playground but also a food haven with a menu to fuel the mind and build the Cloud.

To jump start the event, decision makers, analysts, and press were greeted with a custom “smoking” Google juice cart bringing to life vapors of the cloud. Breakfast was constructed into specialized layout featuring shelves of avocado toasts, a wall of assorted breakfast jars, and cubby holes of protein plates and savory sandwiches beautiful enough to channel spring. There was even a latte foam artist from our partners at The Rolling Bean to support and caffeinate the best minds in the cloud industry.

Right across the street, Industria’s 12th Street location set the stage with exposed brick, high ceilings, and skylight for an extraordinary lunch. In planning, the vision started as a family style lunch, but we wanted to take it to the next level. Why not create custom tables to slide trays of all different small plates!

After lunch, guests headed to the “Infinite Dessert Bar” featuring CxRA’s version of dipping dots made with liquid nitrogen, home-made marshmallows, miniature pies, and “cloud inspired” chocolate cake and blueberry trifles.

What a collaboration! We look forward to teaming up with our partners to create more memorable experiences.


Photo Mar 21, 12 18 35 PM_preview

Photo Mar 21, 11 31 47 AM_preview