Meet Travis


For clients old and new, Travis’ face in a crowd is a sure sign that their event is going to be a huge success.  Travis Kratt, a valued Senior Event Captain and 15-year CxRA veteran, can run an event like an expertly choreographed dance routine…quite probably due to his extensive dance background and most definitely due to his intense commitment to perfection and attention to the tiniest of details.  Here’s Travis – in his own words:

CxRA Events Managed per Year: Probably around 250.

Biggest Event Pet Peeve: I hate when drink passers are not placed according to height (sounds crazy but it makes a huge difference!).  But my biggest pet peeve is a poorly spaced dining room.  Events pack as many tables into a space as possible and a well-spaced floor is awesome to look at as you enter a room.  It ensures that our staff is able to access their guests and that the guests have room to enjoy the event.  A well-spaced floor is one of those details that make or break an event even if no one is aware of it.  It sets the event up for success.

Favorite Thing About Your Job: I love that my job is never the same. Each event exists in the moment and plays out in its own unique way.  The collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie that happens behind the scenes to ensure a seamless front of house experience for our guests makes my job fun.

Fav CxRA dish: I am a sucker for a great small bite, all of them!  Also love our Kale Salad with Lemon Yogurt Dressing has become a go to dish I bring to parties!  One of the coolest things we have done recently was table top raw bars that also served as table decor for a dinner party.  Custom made Lucite boxes filled with seafood and paired with individual shot glasses of sauces for each guest made a delicious and interactive feature to every table.  It was unforgettable to our guests and to me.

A Little About You: Years of studying dance, performing and choreographing in my hometown of Greensburg, Pennsylvania led me to NYU’s Tisch School for the Arts as a dance major in 1997.  After school I worked on just about every TV show that filmed in NYC in the early 2000’s.  Along the way I had a number of odd “survival jobs”: I was one of the toy soldiers at FAO Schwartz and even performed as a dancing alien at Mars 2112.  One of those survival jobs was with Restaurant Associates!

I live in Washington Heights. I still dance, but because I want to – not because I am trying to book that next show.  On my few days off I spend them with friends.  There is usually brunch involved – It’s is my favorite meal.  Just don’t tell anyone ‘cuz then I’ll have to manage that too!