Let’s Save The Food

It’s no secret that food waste is a big problem and a few everyday decisions are good for the health of our planet. Along with our parent company Compass Group, CxRA is working to make a more efficient and less wasteful food systems for Stop Food Waste Day on April 27th and every day. Compass has partnered with ReFED, Eatable, Save the Food, Food Tank, and Tom Colicchio to equip everyone with the strategies to prevent waste.

Compass is taking action by educating its employees, clients, and vendors on food waste and its impact. Chefs in hundreds of Compass cafes will be hosting events with cooking demonstrations focused on less food waste to build awareness and inspire change.

CxRA has been committed to food waste reduction from harvesting and production to purchasing and portioning. In planning our spring menu, CxRA strives to source from local and sustainable produced produce to support better food harvest and food that will last with correct storage. Also, CxRA cross utilizes ingredients to practice responsible consumption and production of food. Chefs are conscious of purchasing only what is needed and encouraged to plan for how it can be recuperated if leftover. These easy change in habits not only impact the food industry but also the environment.

With up to 40 percent of food never eaten, CxRA is taking actions to redirect. Baron Funds hosts a 5,000 guest conference at Lincoln Center- what happens to the uneaten goods? They called on Rock and Wrap It Up, an antipoverty think tank to come post event and pick up the unserved food. The donation not only provided well balanced meals to the homeless and hungry, but also prevented the CO2 and methane that would have been released into the atmosphere had the leftover food wound up in a landfill.

If you would like to learn how to limit your food waste at home, check out https://www.stopfoodwasteday.com/.