It’s official: social and marketing platforms in the digital space have become one and the same. In today’s world, in order for businesses to truly thrive, brands must maintain an active social relationship with the consumer.  By engaging with individuals on social media channels – such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat – brands become more relevant and thus more relatable. It’s that simple. When your target consumer scrolls through his or her newsfeed and sees a picture of your brand next to photos of their friends, your brand instantly and – perhaps subconsciously – becomes a part of that consumer’s daily life. And just like that, you have entered into the world of social media marketing.

This past Monday, CxRA capitalized on our growing relationship with the social media world by hosting some of the top Instagram food bloggers at our Central Catering Kitchen in Long Island City. Invitees were selected based on their number of followers, level of social engagement per post, and overall “Insta fame.”

Guests were welcomed “behind the scenes” to mingle with our sales and culinary team while enjoying the CxRA social bar featuring two of our specialty summer cocktails. For more information on our specialty cocktails check out our Instagram Fridays at 5pm for CxRA Happy Hour.  Bloggers also received a first look at some of our newest editions, the Mexico City and Bombay Street Carts! Later everyone took their seats for a three course small plate dinner featuring our very own Edible Garden, New Bedford Sea Scallops with Makrut Lime Ginger Beurre Blanc, and Colorado Lamb Chops with Grilled Sweet Potato and Pistachio Mint Pesto.

Towards the end of the evening everyone gathered inside the kitchen to wrap things up around the delectable dessert bar. The night came to a close around 9 PM, when the darkened sky simply did not allow for additional photo-ops. While the evening is now over, we suspect (and hope) that the buzz has just begun. See below for photos of the spectacular event.