CxRA Gets Schooled


The kiddies aren’t the only ones heading back to school!  Recently, the entire CxRA team enrolled in a crash course on Smartphone food photography.  Here’s a tutorial from photographer Julia Cawley:

On Lighting

Daytime: Move as close to a window as possible

Nighttime: Use any other light source available (lamps, candles, etc.)

Never use a flash.  Never shoot into direct sunlight

Your light source should be behind or on a slight angle – never in front of your dish

On Stability

Concoct a tripod – Rest your elbow on the table (sorry mom!) to stabilize your hand or place your phone tilted inside a (clean and dry!) wine or rocks glass.  This is where timers come in handy

On Angles

Eye level is OK

¾ shots are better

Overhead is best

On Filters

We all love our Insta filters, but why not let your food speak for itself

One tool to try – Tilt Shift will add interest

We’d love to admire your mobile masterpieces.  Give Julia’s tips a shot and post your pics on Instagram tagging @cxra_nyc so we can check you out!