The Current

Let’s Save The Food

It’s no secret that food waste is a big problem and a few everyday decisions are good for the health of our planet. Along with our parent company Compass Group, CxRA is working to make a more efficient…


Summer Cocktails

Now that we’ve made a little dent in June, we can definitely sense the onset of summer and its warm (read: muggy) NYC days and hot city nights.  Nothing will cool you down and loosen you up at…


Roving Carts

One of Tim’s most exciting recent additions to the CxRA menus are our custom roving carts.  With both sweet and savory options, our carts are the perfect “something special.” A hit at events ranging from high end fashion,…


Behind the Bar

At CxRA, our obsession with keeping ingredients close to home extends from our kitchen to your bar. We’ve revamped our libation stations to include some local, artisan brews and small batch, handcrafted spirits…as well as a few of…