Perfect is

Plenty of practice has made confident quality the CxRA standard. We make sure your event moves and feels just how you pictured it, so you can focus on your guests, not on the seams behind the scenes.

Practice makes perfect, after all.
(And we've been practicing.)

What We Do

We'll help custom-create a one-of-a-kind menu whether you're hosting a hundred people or a thousand. How? Our fine-tuned Central Catering Kitchen keeps us to the highest quality standard, no matter where (or when, or who) you have in mind.

There are no cookie cutters. Not unless you want them.

Our commitment to obtaining the freshest ingredients, selected at the peak of their season, is the basis of what we do. When everything is of the best possible quality, the colors and the flavors speak for themselves. We just enhance them.

- Tim McLaughlin. Head Chef

Our Food

It's not only how artfully a dish is plated, but what's on the plate itself that matters. All of our dishes are made using local, seasonal produce, the freshest meat and dairy products, and seafood from renewable sources.

Our Service

Our captains, waiters, and bartenders are service professionals. Experienced and discreet, they're masters of detail and will ensure that your guests are warmly welcomed, their needs not only met but anticipated.

Our Community

Everything we do is shaped by our relationships, from the close-knit CxRA family to our clients and our neighborhoods. Food brings us together, and it's our mission to practice hospitality beyond the table by sharing what we have and what we know with our community.

Our Venues

CxRA partners with some of the country's definitive cultural landmarks. Entertain at one of our Exclusive or Premier venues, or pick a unique spot all your own— wherever your event, we make sure that quality and precision are a constant.